ESEB 2011

Registration is now open for the 13th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Tuebingen, Germany, 20-25 August 2011.

Registration is cheaper if before February, 28th. Booking hotel rooms very early is also wise because Tuebingen is small (registration will also close at some point due to limited accomodation options).

See the website

There is in particular a symposium on « Climate Change and Evolution », which should be of interest for our project.

Symposium organisers: Klaus Fischer, Greifswald eMail-Link
Stephanie S. Bauerfeind, Greifswald eMail-Link
Wolf U. Blanckenhorn, Zuerich eMail-Link
Symposium description Evolutionary change (rather than short-term responses as plasticity and movement) has been assumed to be too slow to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment. This symposium will bring together new insights in understanding evolutionary responses to global environmental changes, and outline chances for as well as limits to such evolutionary change and the implied system-wide consequences.
Invited speakers Juha Merilä (University of Helsinki), Ary Hoffmann (Melbourne University)
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