Evolutionary Rescue Conference

An international conference on « Evolutionary rescue » will be held in Montpellier, June 7th 2011, Grand Amphithéatre du CNRS, France.

Programme and registration on http://www.evorescu.univ-montp2.fr/

While global change might be causing the 6th major extinction crisis on Earth, we know very little about how evolutionary responses may modulate the response of biodiversity to these changes. Can we make general predictions about situations where evolutionary responses are most likely to occur and to mitigate or aggravate the demographic response of species to global change? Can we identify target species or groups of species for which incorporating evolutionary responses in ecological forecasts is most needed?

The aim of this conference is to synthesize recent advances improving our understanding of the role of evolutionary mechanisms in species responses to global change and of how these mechanisms may affect biodiversity patterns.

Four topics will be discussed:

1)      The race between decline and adaptation

2)      The interplay between migration, adaptation and plasticity

3)      Evolving communities in changing environments

4)      From microvelolutionary to macroevolutionary patterns and back

For more information on the programme and registration, see the website http://www.evorescu.univ-montp2.fr/

and attached poster.

Registration is free but you must register to attend. There is no deadline for registration: registration will be closed when the capacity of the lecture room (165 attendees) is exceeded. So visit our website quickly! Book your hotel room very soon as well (June is a busy time for conferences in Montpellier).

For questions, contact: evorescu@univ-montp2.fr

Please help us advertise for the event by circulating the poster and announcement through your own networks.

Hoping to see you in Montpellier, next June,

The organizers: Ophélie Ronce (ISEM, France), Nicolas Mouquet (ISEM, France), Andrew Gonzalez (McGill University, Canada)

Download the poster here: evorescue 180211

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