Barsac, September 27th – October 1st 2010, France

Antoine Kremer organized recently a workshop on:
« Long distance gene flow and adaptation »

This FoResTTraC Workshop, funded by a joint North American EU venture, gathered around 20 participants, specialized in gene flow estimation, pollen and seed movement, modelling of dispersal and of its genetic consequences, with the aim of discussing research perspectives to better understand the contribution of gene flow to adaptation in tree populations confronted to climate change.

Our job was to write up a white paper, identifying key research questions in this field, which could be used as a basis for future research calls from EU. The structure of the white paper was decided during the workshop and we are all now working on it.

I have attached the circular letter describing the aims of the workshop and the list of participants.

In case that you need to organize some scientific event in the Bordeaux region, the venue was quite nice too and the local cook amazing!

Circular letter 2

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