What is SPECIATION 2013 ?

AFFICHE SPECIATION_2013The second European Conference on Speciation Research (SPECIATION 2013) is part of the European Science Foundation’s Research Networking Programme Frontiers of Speciation Research (FroSpects), which is funded by 18 of ESF’s national member organisations.

It will be held in Montpellier, France, 27-29 May 2013.

This event will echo the first European conference dedicated to speciation research that took place at the IIASA Conference Center, Laxenburg, Austria in 2010. As a closure event of the FroSpects network on speciation research, this second conference aims to provide an update on the contemporary status of the field and future research prospects.

A major focus of the conference will be to facilitate bridge- building between the different approaches to speciation research and to promote connections among researchers in this field of research. To this aim, the conference will promote lectures surveying fields of contemporary speciation research and encourage contributions of an integrative as well as innovative
nature. The presentations and discussions will cover topics including, but not limited to, speciation-with-gene-flow, macro-evolutionary patterns of diversification, species cohesion and recognition, speciation models, the role of hybridisation and adaptive introgression in speciation, adaptive and ecological speciation, non-ecological speciation, genetics and genomics of speciation, behavioural drivers of speciation, experimental evolution, plasticity and learning, the interplay between sexual and natural selection.

The conference will be held in the historical School of MedicineSchool_of_medicine_Montpellier in Montpellier, one of the oldest medical schools in Europe. It will feature 16 invited speakers, as many contributed talks and some poster presentations. We expect between 150 and 200 participants.

Carole Smadja, Isabelle Olivieri and Fadela Tamoune (Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution, Montpellier, France)

Ulf Dieckmann (Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria), FroSpects chair and Åke Brännström (Umeå University, Sweden), FroSpects co-chair.

Scientific committee:
the FroSpects Steering Committee (Åke Brännström, Sweden; Roger Butlin, United Kingdom; Ulf Dieckmann, Austria; Mats Gyllenberg, Finland; Maria Manuela-Coelho, Portugal; Géza Meszéna, Hungary; Axel Meyer, Germany; Isabelle Olivieri, France; Emilio Rolán-Alvarez, Spain; Glenn-Peter Sætre, Norway; Ole Seehausen, Switzerland; Skúli Skúlason, Iceland; Radka Storchová, Czech Republic; Jacek Szymura, Poland; Ioan Valeriu Ghira, Romania; Jacques van Alphen, The Netherlands)