Conference Programme

(updated 18/05/2013)



Venue: Faculté de Médecine de Montpellier – Historical Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier – Rue de l’Ecole de Médecine (entrance near the Cathedral), Montpellier city centre.

Monday 27 May

08:00-9:00            Reception – Reception Hall Atrium

09:00-9:20            Opening session –Amphithéâtre d’Anatomie

Chairman:            Ulf Dieckmann

09:20-9:50 Roger Butlin (invited) – Adaptation and isolation in winkles and aphids

9:55-10:25            Stuart Baird (invited) – Genomics of Introgression across a Species Barrier: Half a Million SNPs across the European House Mouse Hybrid Zone

10:30-11:00            Coffee break – Salle Dugès

11:00-11:30 Astrid Groot (invited) – Variation in moth sexual communication

11:35-11:50 Guila Ganem – Disentangling the mechanisms of species mate recognition

11:55-12:10 Mario Vallejo-Marin – Discovery of a recently formed allopolyploid species of Mimulus (Phrymaceae) in Scotland provides insights into the early stages of speciation

12:15-12:30 Skúli Skúlason – Resource polymorphism and speciation: what can we learn from Northern freshwater fishes?

12:30-14:00            Lunch break and guided tours

  • 12:35            departure tour 1 – 13:10
  • 13:15            departure tour 2 – 13:50

Chairman: Glenn-Peter Saetre

14:00-14:30            Ulf Dieckmann (invited) – Robust Adaptive Speciation

14:35-14:50 Helen Hipperson – Genomics of speciation in Howea palms

14:55-15:10 Gunnar Öhlund – Predation drives rapid and repeated sympatric divergence in European whitefish

15:10-15:40            Coffee break – Salle Dugès

15:40-16:40            Poster session 1– Salle Dugès

16:40-17:10 Leonie Moyle (invited) – The evolutionary timing and pattern of accumulation of reproductive isolation loci

17:15-17:30 Luis-Miguel Chevin – Niche dimensionality and the genetics of ecological speciation

17:35-17:50 Wolfgang Miller – Symbiont-triggered speciation: concepts, causes and consequences

17:55-18:00            Closing session

18:00-20:00            Welcome Reception – Montpellier historical Faculty of Medicine– Cour d’Honneur et Salle Dugès de la Faculté de Médecine de Montpellier

Tuesday 28 May

Chairman: Roger Butlin

9:00-9:30 Jenny Boughman (invited) – Speciation by divergent sexual selection

9:35-10:05 Jochen Wolf (invited) – Linking genes and ‘magic traits’: Narrow islands of genomic divergence across the hooded and carrion crow hybrid zone

10:10-10:25 Agnes Rettelback – Three modes of adaptive speciation in spatially structured populations

10:30-11:00            Coffee break – Salle Dugès

11:00-11:30            Mark Kirkpatrick (invited) – The evolution of pre- and postzygotic isolation

11:35-11:50 Emma Berdan – Investigating the role of a Robertsonian fusion in divergence and speciation

11:55-12:10 Janice Britton-Davidian or Pierre Boursot – Are Robertsonian fusions barriers to introgression in a house mouse hybrid zone?

12:15-12:30 Mathieu Joron – Inversions, supergenes and the build-up of linkage disequilibrium between multiple traits

12:30-14:00            Lunch break and guided tours

  • 12:35            departure tour 3 – 13:10
  • 13:15            departure tour 4 – 13:50

Chairman: Jacek Szymura

14:00-14:30 Patrik Nosil (invited) – Experimental evidence for rapid and genome wide evolution during ecological speciation

14:35-14:50 Glenn-Peter Saetre – Hybrid speciation driven by discordant cline movement of mito-nuclear and sex-linked incompatibilities

14:55-15:10 Rike Stelkens – Hybridization promotes colonization of new environments

15:10-15:40 Coffee break – Salle Dugès

15:40-16:10 James Mallet (invited) – Promiscuous genome exchange among hybridizing Heliconius butterflies

16:15-16:30 Géza Meszéna – Three-phase transition to reproductive isolation

16:35-16:50            Paris Margot – Speciation in wild tomatoes: inference from genome-wide sequence data

16:55-17:00            Closing session

17:00-18:00            Poster session 2– Salle Dugès

18:00            free evening



Wednesday 29 May

Chairwoman: Janice Britton-Davidian

9:00-9:30            Martine Maan (invited) – Divergent ecological selection on mating traits: alternative mechanisms and their consequences for speciation

9:35-9:50            Nicolas Bierne – The geography of introgression in a patchy environment and the misperception of fast speciation

9:55-10:10 Richard Bailey – The role of genetic constraints during speciation: Hybridization and the G matrix.

10:15-10:30 Reto Burri – The landscape of genome divergence in Ficedula flycatchers

10:30-11:00            Coffee break – Salle Dugès

11:00-11:30 Axel Meyer (invited) – Incipient speciation and parallel evolution in adaptive radiations of Nicaraguan crater lake cichlid fish

11:35-11:50 Christophe Destombe – Unraveling sibling species within Pylaiella littoralis (Ectocarpales, Phaeophyceae) using phylogenetic, ecological and biological evidences

11:55-12:10 Philine Feulner – Genome wide patterns of divergence: a comparison of five parapatric lake-river population pairs of three-spined sticklebacks

12:15-12:30 Markus Pfenninger – Convergent evolution of cox-genes in H2S-tolerant fish: a key adaptation drives ecological speciation

12:30-14:00            Lunch break and guided tours

  • 12:35            departure tour 5 – 13:10
  • 13:15            departure tour 6 – 13:50

Chairman: Patrik Nosil

14:00-14:30            Åke Brännström (invited) – Eco-evolutionary modeling of diversification and

14:35-14:50 Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Lebrun – The temporal dynamics of phylogenetic tree shape in neutral community models

14:55-15:10 Daniel Vitales – Extraordinarily rapid speciation on oceanic islands: the case of Cheirolophus in Macaronesia

15:10-15:40            Coffee break – Salle Dugès

15:40-16:40            Poster session 3– Salle Dugès

16:40-17:10 Robin Hopkins (invited) – Selection and speciation: From genotype to phenotype to reproductive isolation

17:15-17:30 Pim Edelaar – Matching Habitat Choice as a driver of speciation

17:35-17:55            Closing session

18:00            end

19:00-24:00            Conference buffet dinner – Montpellier historical Faculty of Medicine– Cour d’Honneur de la Faculté de Médecine de Montpellier


Poster sessions:

Poster session 1: Monday 27: 15:40-16:40

P1. L. Duvaux – Linking chemosensory multigene-family evolution with speciation in the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum).
P2. F. Gascuel – Linking macroevolution to ecology: how is the shape of phylogenetic trees affected by the ecological processes of diversification?
P3. A. B.A. Shafer – Widespread evidence for incipient ecological speciation
P4. P. Garnier-Géré – Are European oaks Quercus petraea and Q. robur a “worst-case scenario” for the study of speciation with gene flow?
P5. M.Nowak – Evidence for strong isolating mechanisms despite pervasive hybridization in a European hybrid zone of Primula veris and Primula vulgaris
P6. C. M. Nieberding – Selection on male sex pheromone composition drives butterfly diversification
P7. E. Joly – The existence of species rests on a metastable equilibrium between inbreeding and outbreeding.
P8. M. Simonsen – Trophic morphology differences in three sympatric Arctic charr morphs in Lake Skogsfjordvatn
P9. B. Nürnberger – A transcriptomic perspective on past hybridisation in the fire-bellied toads (Bombina)
P10. J. M. Szymura – Drang nach Westen: Is the fire-bellied toad a ring species?
P11. V. Fiorentino – Constraints on ecological speciation in Murella muralis: environmental changes in the course of time
P12. A. Montecinos – Genetics and genomics of speciation in the brown seaweed Ectocarpus complex


Poster session 2: Tuesday 28: 17:00-18:00

P13. A. Iglesias-V – Genetic structure of Pterodroma leucoptera complex: A multilocus inference
P14. E. Zarza – When iguanas meet: Hybridization, introgression and cytonuclear discordance in contact zones of the Mexican black iguana
P15. G. Achaz – ABGD, Automatic Barcode Gap Discovery for primary species delimitation
P16. E. Nonaka – Phenotypic plasticity can promote sympatric speciation
P17. J.L Bella  – Has a third taxon of Chorthippus parallelus arisen in its Pyrenean hybrid zone?
P18. J. Hollander – Genital divergence in sympatric sister snails
P19. Y. Latour – Sexual selection against natural hybrids: a barrier to gene flow in a house mouse hybrid zone?
P20. C.Dufour – How do co-occurring sister species deal with spatial, reproductive and dietary overlap?
P21. M. Kopp – Simulating neutral genetic divergence during ecological speciation
P22. M. Orsucci – Genetics and epigenetics contributions to the host plant adaptation of two Lepidoptera pests
P23. P. Martínez-Rodríguez – Wolbachia infection in Podisma pedestris
P24. J. Ripa – Adaptive radiations in alpha and beta niche dimensions – The potential role of extinctions for patterns of niche conservatism


Poster session 3: Wednesday 29: 15:40-16:40

P25. F. Hendrickx – Repeated niche occupancy through species sorting and parallel radiation are not always so different: insights from a Galapagos beetle radiation.
P26. Y. Latour – Does intrasex competition interfere with reproductive character displacement in the house mouse?
P27. P. I. Hablützel Adaptive divergence among incipient species: a parasite perspective
P28. M. Harry- Species delimitation and phylogeny in the pest genus Nasutitermes (Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae) in French Guiana
P29. E. Pante – Characterization of secondary contact zones and hybridization patterns in the tellinid bivalve Macoma balthica
P30. G. Kunert – Feeding behavior of Acyrthosiphon pisum races on different legume species
P31. J. Peccoud – Investigating ecological hybrid unfitness between host-specialized biotypes of the pea aphid
P32. A. Brelsford – Does “Coyne’s Rule” apply to amphibians? Introgression of sex-linked and autosomal markers across a tree frog hybrid zone
P33.  S. Van Belleghem– Sympatric divergence mediated by standing genetic variation and a potential automatic magic trait in the salt marsh beetle Pogonus chalceus
P34. R. Faria – The paths of parallel evolution in the flat periwinkles: preliminary results
P35. D. R. Vieites – Speciation in a large tropical amphibian radiation