• Stuart BAIRD, Research Scientist at the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Web site.
  • Jenny BOUGHMAN, Associate Professor at Michigan State University, USA. Web site.
  • Åke BRANNSTROM, Associate Professor, Umeå University, Sweden. Web site.
  • Roger BUTLIN, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Sheffield UK and at Sven Loven Centre for Marine Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Web site.
  • Ulf DIECKMANN, Program Leader, Evolution and Ecology Program, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria. Web site.
  • Astrid GROOT, Associate professor at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Web site.
  • Robin HOPKINS, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Texas State University, USA. Web site.
  • Mark KIRKPATRICK, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, University of Texas at Austin, USA. Web site.
  • Martine MAAN, NWO Veni Fellow at the University of Groningen the Netherlands. Web site.
  • Jim MALLET, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, USA. Web site.
  • Axel MEYER, Professor of Zoology and Evolutionary Biology at the Universität Konstanz, Germany. Web site.
  • Leonie MOYLE, Associate Professor of Biology, Indiana University, USA. Web site.
  • Patrik NOSIL, ERC fellow and Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, UK. Web site.
  • Jochen WOLF, researcher at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. Web site.