François Rousset's last-resort web page

This is a temporary resource suitable until I set up a better site, as my institutional web page has been drained of some of its most useful content.

My research interests include evolution of social behaviour and of life histories in diverse organisms. A large part of my work deals with theoretical and statistical issues raised by these topics. It has led to the development of several software packages, notably for inference from genetic variation and more recently for mixed-effect modelling; and to collaborations on various model systems, mostly animals, but also fungi and (at last) plants. However, my early research experience was on Wolbachia-hosts interactions and largely empirical.

If you ended here looking for a post-doc: there is an opportunity for theoretical work using optimal control theory to investigate the evolution of competition between individual plants, funded by the ANR SCOOP project

Links to software: spaMM, Genepop, Migraine, Infusion, blackbox, GSpace (largely replacing IBDsim), IsoriX

Lists of publications: try your chance on ORCID (not necessarily up-to-date), Publons, Google scholar (messy but not too much), ResearchGate (could do better)


Afterthoughts on my (2004) monograph Genetic structure and selection in subdivided populations (Princeton UP).

(2004) paper Analysis of disruptive selection in subdivided populations without the typos uncontrollably added by the publisher.

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