Email address:

julien [dot] dutheil [at] univ [dash] montp2 [dot] fr


dutheil [at] evolbio [dot] mpg [dot] de

Somewhere on the web...

  • Here is a small blog I created, which I update occasionally when I want to share a few things (more or less directly related to work).
  • Here is my page on Research Gate.
  • Here is my ORCID page.
  • I have a profile on Linked In, although it is not updated or checked regularly, because I did not find any use for it so far. If you happened to have a use for this type of tool, however, you may invite me for a connection :) I will not reply positively (or even not reply at all) to invitations coming from people I have never met in the real life or never corresponded with.

  • I am NOT on facebook! Other "Julien Dutheil" are there, but none of them is me.

  • I am not on twitter either.